Rediscover - RestART - Reconnect

July 06 - 13, 2024

a 7 day Sailing Trip - Ionian Islands

Artventure Camp


11th Artventure Camp

July 06-13, 2024 |Ionian Islands

Welcome to Artventure Camp, a seven day joyful sailing trip in the Ionian Sea. This true Artistic Odyssey, uniquely combines the blue Mediterranean Sea with sailing, experiential education, artistic activities as well as fun and relaxation.

Dedicated to Human Connection, Voice, Body, Inner Rhythm, this camp is a chance to cultivate connections, to harmonise with nature and to immerse into the blue.

The Sun, the Sea, the Dolphins, the Music and Odysseus’ Sirens will transform your journey to an art experience.

Rediscover – RestART – Reconnect

Percussion Sailing Camp


Dear Friends,

Our need for inspiration and new fresh ideas, led us to the decision of a closed sailing gathering this summer, 2024. A meeting for professionals, musicians or artists in general that are willing to spend a week in the Ionian Sea sharing their love, knowledge, experience, ideas with people of the same interests.

If you want to join a new summer adventure, we ‘d love to SEA you at the 11th Artventure Camp and celebrate together the 11 years of sailing artventures in the Ionian Sea!

Percussion Sailing Camp

Petros Kourtis and Yshai Afterman invite you to a seven day Rhythmical Journey.  Combining a variety of daily Masterclasses in Rhythm, Phrasing, Composing, Accompanying, Arrangements with many Jam sessions, this sailing trip will offer you an exceptional summer experience.

Sailing to the heavenly beautiful Ionian islands you will definitely enjoy the silence and isolation of the absolute blue while our daily classes will expand your creativity and groove you up.

This camp is a unique Educational Sailing Camp for Percussionists, Musicians of the Percussive Arts (Drummers | Tap Dancers | Body Music performers etc.)  or Artists who love the Art of Rhythm and are obsessed with percussion instruments.

Participants are planned to spent six hours on daily Classes | Swimming |  Jamming . The courses provided refer to Intermediate and Advanced level musicians.

Let’s set sail for the most Groovy and Extraordinary, Percussion Sailing CAMP in the Mediterranean Sea.

Welcome Aboard


Widely known as the “Caribbean of Greece”, Lefkada island amazes visitors with its exotic blue coloured beaches.

Located in the northeastern part of the island and connected to the mainland through a small bridge, Lefkada is easily accessible by car, so there is no need for a ferry. 

Lefkada city is the capital of the island and a unit of Lefkada municipality. Formerly, the capital was built in the Castle of Agia Mavra. Lefkada is the most important town of the island, with a population rising up to 13500 inhabitants mainly engaged in the occupation of fishing, tourism and the land cultivation.

It is ideal destination for couples, families or large groups of friends as it offers peaceful isolated beaches as long as family friendly places or party lovers spots.

On the western coast of Lefkada you can enjoy the most amazing beaches. Distinguish for their wonderful colour and the impressive landscape, Porto Katsiki, Egremni and Kathisma will certainly be an unforgettable experience for everyone.



Lefkada along with Evia are the only islands in Greece that you can visit by car.
A floating bridge connects Lefkada with the mainland (Acarnania).
The reduction of the distance and therefore the travel time has decreased significantly because of three major projects in the region.
The underwater tunnel of Preveza-Aktion in conjunction with the Egnatia highway, make access easier and safer in the Ionian Sea from NW Greece.
The Rio-Antirio Bridge greatly facilitate access to the island from mainland Greece.

Arrival By Plane

The main airport in Athens is the Athens International Airport El. Venizelos. If you arrive at the Athens International Airport, you have to take an intercity bus to get to Lefkada Island.

Another option is the Aktion National Airport (PVK) which is the closest airport to Lefkada Island, located in Préveza.
How far is it from Aktion National Airport (PVK) to Lefkada Island? 25-30 minutes.

By Bus

If you arrive at the Athens International Airport you can take Bus X93 (ST.YPER.LEOF.KIFISOU – AEROLIMENAS ATHINON[EXPRESS]) which connects Athens airport with Athens intercity bus station (Kifissos Bus Station). This bus route is the only way to reach the intercity bus station besides taxi.

Bus X93 to Kifissos Intercity Bus Station (KTEL Kifissos Bus station) departs from Athens Airport every 30-50 minutes. The travel duration is approximately 65 minutes. The table below shows the bus departure times from Athens Airport to Kifissos Intercity Bus Station.

Bus departure Location: Athens Airport Arrivals Terminal (between Exit 4 and 5).

From Kifissos Bus Station, you will take the Intercity Bus to Lefkada. Please check this site where you can find the timetable and here, where you can book your ticket online.

The Itinerary that connects the Aktion Airport with Lefkada Island is the “Preveza – Aktion – Lefkada”.

Buses operate from Athens, Thessaloniki, Patras, Igoumenitsa and Preveza to Lefkada, please check the timetables for itinerary updates.

From Athens (378 km – 5 hours)

From Thessaloniki (420 km – over 7 hours)

From Patras (161 km – 2 hours and 50 minutes)

By Ferry Boat​

There are frequent ferry boat schedules during the summer from/to:

Italy(Ancona/Bari/Prindisi/ Trieste) – Patras – Igoumenitsa – Corfu

The website provides information about all ferry companies.

📍Our Meeting Point is Lefkada Port


For our Camps we use two yacht types:  Monohulls 46 – 50 Ft & Catamarans 42 – 44Ft

Monohull 46-52 Ft

  • 4 double cabins
  • 1 double cabin with Bunk Bed
  • 3 or 4 heads
  • 10 guests

Catamaran 42 – 44 Ft

  • 4 double cabins
  • 2 crew cabins
  • 4 heads
  • 10 guests

artvɘnture – G.E.MI No: 69386803000

Our Sponsors

Dear fellow artventurers,

The idea of organizing an alternative camp derived from my love for Music, my Country and Lefkada island – my birthplace . My 30 year experience as a musician and educator, showed me that a person best develops their skills and spirit when acting and living in nature.
Through outdoor activities and classes, participants will acquire knowledge and skills in the respective art topics, learn how to work in teams, respect the nature, become more creative, get to know the location, the people, and the local tradition and culture.
My invitation concerns those who want to test their skills and exceed their potential or musicians, dancers, actors, teachers, who want to live a unique experience in charming Greek places and amazing locations, next to remarkable trainers from the global artistic community.

Welcome to our ARTVENTURE World

Petros Kourtis – Art Director & Founder of Artventure Camp